Worst Exercises Ever Invented

It’s easy to think that just because it’s a form of exercise it must be good for you, right? Um, wrong. Not every exercise is a good idea. In fact, some are useless and can contribute to injuries. Considering how time is precious to so many people, getting the most benefit out of every movement is critical. So, let’s eliminate the worst exercises ever invented by mankind. Continue reading[..]

What Is A Paleo Lifestyle?

Qesem Cave, an archaeological site in Israel, has revealed some interesting findings of the dietary habits of ancient man. It seems they liked turtle on the half shell along with a juicy steak and a healthy side of vegetables. It appears that the fine dining tradition of appetizers before entrees is not a modern day phenomenon. Continue reading[..]

U.S. Debt Collection 101

You are spending time with loved ones. The phone rings. You glance at the caller ID. You ignore the call. You look up to questioning and expectant faces. You swallow hard, shrugging your shoulders as you tell a lie, “Wrong number.” It was no wrong number. It was the dreaded debt collector. Now, rather than run and hide, educate yourself. You have rights. At least, in the United States you do. These are the rights of debtors who reside in America. By knowing these rights you can actually turn the tables on the debt collector bullies. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is for all the people who owe money and could not even sit down and enjoy their dinner in peace. Continue reading[..]

Those Of The Crystal Coffins

The Roman Catholic Church recently announced that Padre Pio will be taking a road trip. Now, this doesn’t really sound newsworthy until your realize that Padre Pio has been dead since 1968. Nevertheless, he will be traveling overland to the Vatican from his little hometown in southeast Italy where he has been “resting”, except for one nasty interruption in 2008, since his death over four decades ago. Continue reading[..]

The Vimana of Peru

I have traveled to Peru, long ago, and had the incredible opportunity to puzzle over the famous, or, should I say, infamous, depending on how your consider them, Nazca lines. And, to really be able to ponder over the wonder of what they are, you must be up in the sky to do so. It does a body no good, really, to be down on the ground tracing about their patterns by walking a trail. That close up there is no perception of what the lines depict. Continue reading[..]

Stop The Spanking

Disciplining children is a fact of life for parents, caregivers and teachers. Many forms of punishment are easy to recognize as overly harsh, even abusive. But some are in that gray area where folks are just not certain if it’s wrong or right. What actually happens to a child when a spanking is received? The first thing that happens is that they realize that size determines who gets to decide what is right or wrong. This is one subtle psychological side effect with results that may not be seen until the child is a teenage bully or adult abuser. Continue reading[..]

SETI – The Search For A Twin

The interesting organization SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been searching the heavens since the early 1980s. The public doesn’t hear much from them. With mainstream media and government agencies putting forth their own efforts to marginalize ufologists and make such people appear to be on the fringe of junk science, stopping just short of calling them crazy, it’s no wonder, then, that the scientists at SETI tend to keep a low profile. Continue reading[..]