Ten Day Green Smoothie Diet Cleanse

There are many experts believe that before you start any diet seriously and that even includes one like a 10 day green smoothie diet, you should do a cleanse first. It is believed that you need to remove toxins in your body in order for any diet that you decide to go on to be successful.

Reasoning Behind a Ten Day Green Smoothie Diet Plan Cleanse

The reason why many experts believe that you should include a ten day cleanse before fully going on any kind of diet, including any kind of green smoothie diet you might choose to go on. It is believed that the very first step in being able to lose weight is detoxification. This means you need to remove the toxic overload that your body has. Toxins can be stored in the fat cells and they can be hard to get rid of when you just try to diet alone. It’s important that you first detoxify your body. The best diet programs need to focus on both detoxification and fat loss which in the end will lead to better health overall. With a ten day green smoothie cleanse you will detoxify your body by eliminating certain foods for ten days and then you reprogram your taste buds to desire more nutrient rich foods. Continue reading[..]

Back To School

I was fortunate to live in a different time when I received a college education. Today, things are much different for young people. And, if you stop and think about it, many college students aren’t even young, fresh faced kids. Many students are returning to college later in life. I think that’s wonderful. It is never too late to get an education, follow your dreams or even completely change course and go back for a second or third degree in a new field of study. But, the rules of the game may be a bit different for the working adult who goes back to school. Continue reading[..]

Burial Rites

I am no spring chicken. As a widow, I have had to go through the process of end of life decisions when I made preparations for my husband’s funeral. He was taken from me unexpectedly by a heart attack. We had not yet reached that point in our lives where we were considering pre-arranging for an event like this. The most important thing I learned is that I do not want to leave this planet unprepared. I do not want my grieving loved ones left with the additional task of planning what to do with my remains. No one should have to make any kind of emotional decision like that during a period of grief. Continue reading[..]

Worst Exercises Ever Invented

It’s easy to think that just because it’s a form of exercise it must be good for you, right? Um, wrong. Not every exercise is a good idea. In fact, some are useless and can contribute to injuries. Considering how time is precious to so many people, getting the most benefit out of every movement is critical. So, let’s eliminate the worst exercises ever invented by mankind. Continue reading[..]

What Is A Paleo Lifestyle?

Qesem Cave, an archaeological site in Israel, has revealed some interesting findings of the dietary habits of ancient man. It seems they liked turtle on the half shell along with a juicy steak and a healthy side of vegetables. It appears that the fine dining tradition of appetizers before entrees is not a modern day phenomenon. Continue reading[..]

U.S. Debt Collection 101

You are spending time with loved ones. The phone rings. You glance at the caller ID. You ignore the call. You look up to questioning and expectant faces. You swallow hard, shrugging your shoulders as you tell a lie, “Wrong number.” It was no wrong number. It was the dreaded debt collector. Now, rather than run and hide, educate yourself. You have rights. At least, in the United States you do. These are the rights of debtors who reside in America. By knowing these rights you can actually turn the tables on the debt collector bullies. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is for all the people who owe money and could not even sit down and enjoy their dinner in peace. Continue reading[..]

Those Of The Crystal Coffins

The Roman Catholic Church recently announced that Padre Pio will be taking a road trip. Now, this doesn’t really sound newsworthy until your realize that Padre Pio has been dead since 1968. Nevertheless, he will be traveling overland to the Vatican from his little hometown in southeast Italy where he has been “resting”, except for one nasty interruption in 2008, since his death over four decades ago. Continue reading[..]