The Vimana of Peru

I have traveled to Peru, long ago, and had the incredible opportunity to puzzle over the famous, or, should I say, infamous, depending on how your consider them, Nazca lines. And, to really be able to ponder over the wonder of what they are, you must be up in the sky to do so. It does a body no good, really, to be down on the ground tracing about their patterns by walking a trail. That close up there is no perception of what the lines depict. Continue reading[..]

Stop The Spanking

Disciplining children is a fact of life for parents, caregivers and teachers. Many forms of punishment are easy to recognize as overly harsh, even abusive. But some are in that gray area where folks are just not certain if it’s wrong or right. What actually happens to a child when a spanking is received? The first thing that happens is that they realize that size determines who gets to decide what is right or wrong. This is one subtle psychological side effect with results that may not be seen until the child is a teenage bully or adult abuser. Continue reading[..]

SETI – The Search For A Twin

The interesting organization SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been searching the heavens since the early 1980s. The public doesn’t hear much from them. With mainstream media and government agencies putting forth their own efforts to marginalize ufologists and make such people appear to be on the fringe of junk science, stopping just short of calling them crazy, it’s no wonder, then, that the scientists at SETI tend to keep a low profile. Continue reading[..]

Proper Presentation

If you plan to put your house on the market soon, there are some steps to doing it right. Even if your home is already up for sale, check out these suggestions and see if you are presenting it properly. Remember, details, details, details. Just as you make sure you look your best from your beautifully coiffed hair down to your shiny shoes when presenting yourself to the public, do the same with your home. It is essential to create the best home appeal possible so that potential buyers are impressed. Continue reading[..]

Consume With Caution

When we consider dietary regimens with regard to health, often the nutritional contribution of the food is what is measured. Highly nutritious foods are desired, non-nutritious food, as well as foods that negatively impact health, are avoided. But there is much more to food management than nutrition levels where good health is concerned. Continue reading[..]

Lowering Heart Attack Risk

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of all time, often taking people when they are quite young. This happened to my dear husband and I am sure there are many people out there like myself. Hoping to offer insight and encouragement to others to do what they can to minimize the risk of heart disease from touching their lives when they least expect it and lose someone they love. Continue reading[..]

Living Peaceful

I have to admit that I like things quiet. Perhaps that’s because I grew up in a large family. I was the youngest of five daughters. Our house seemed to always be full of teenagers, friends of one or more of my sisters. Our home was an old two-story farmhouse with an ancient, creaky staircase, hardwood floors and a few doors that practically screamed when opened or closed, not to mention the slamming of the screen door when anyone was running in or out. The house itself created the perfect acoustics for even a whisper to travel fifty feet or so. So, yes, once I was old enough to move out and into my own place, I relished my peace and quiet.

No matter where I have lived, one of the first things I do is soften my floors. I once had an apartment with hardwood floors and, although they were gorgeous, they were disappointingly noisy. If it wasn’t my own shoes click-clacking from one room to another it was the click-click-click of my dog’s toenails. When I was trying to sleep at night and my dog would get up to go get a drink of water, her journey would always wake me up. It drove me crazy.

The easiest solution to softening a hardwood floor or a linoleum floor is to lay down rugs. The plusher the better. I love a deep, pile flokati rug. To add more depth and softness to any rug, you can always add a pad underneath. This is also helpful in keeping it where it belongs rather than sliding about on the floor.

So, if carpeting your floors is not an option, go rug shopping. Rugs are much more versatile than just for scraping dirty feet at the entry or blotting wet feet out of the bath. A decorative rug in the living room is practically a décor staple. But also consider rugs on either side of a bed and under the dining table.

Now, most homes and apartments have insulation within walls helping to dampen noise. However, most doors are hollow. They become conduits funneling noise into a room. Hollow doors can be replaced with a solid wood door or one with a light-weight core. However, if you live in a rental property, you can’t very well choose this as a solution. You have to get a bit more creative.

In a bathroom or bedroom, you can get an over the door rack that is designed for hanging towels. Instead of placing towels on the rack, hang some very thick blankets. Let them dangle all the way to the floor. Another option is corkboard overlay. With rental property you can’t very well glue corkboard to a door but there are many ways to create a corkboard overlay without adhesive. I had an apartment entry that was metal. I glued magnets down the edges of corkboard and it hung nicely and securely on my entry. It was the perfect place for a calendar and note exchanges for everyone within the household as well as thoughtful reminders of important things not to forget.

Another place to check for sound seepage is windows. Weatherstripping is not just to keep out the elements like rain and snow. Sound is also leaking in and out. Fill in any openings with a sealant and see if things don’t get a bit quieter.

And then, of course, take a look at your window treatments. Have you hung a pair of gauzy sheers? Well, they are not going to be much help cutting down on the noise pollution. Invest in some thick velvets or heavy brocades. These types of fabrics can go a long way to reduce noise levels traveling in or out of windows.

And just because a wall is insulated doesn’t mean it is up to your personal standards of quiet. To increase the noise baffling effect, place a bookcase or other large, thick piece of furniture in the middle of the wall and see how much more peaceful things can get.

Now, we’ve all heard of surround-sound, but how about surround-quiet? That would be the effect of living in spaces that have walls painted with sound-absorbing paint. Yes, that type of a product does exist. And, repainting a wall with such a special paint can be done in owned property as well as rented. Most apartments will approve a personal paint project as long as you get approval first and provide them with a color sample they accept as appropriate.

And, after all your creative redecorating, sit back and listen. Nothing? Perfect!