Worst Exercises Ever Invented

Worst Exercises Ever Invented

It’s easy to think that just because it’s a form of exercise it must be good for you, right? Um, wrong. Not every exercise is a good idea. In fact, some are useless and can contribute to injuries. Considering how time is precious to so many people, getting the most benefit out of every movement is critical. So, let’s eliminate the worst exercises ever invented by mankind.

You know those rowing machines at your local gym? Well, ignore them. Rather than improve your physical fitness you could end up having to sit out from gym time for weeks. Maybe even for good. The movement of the upright rower is high risk for tendon and ligament damage to shoulders. If you want to tone your arms, use the overhead press instead.

There is a popular gym exercise with a barbell called a “triceps kickback”. You hold the barbell and stretch your arm straight behind you. Although it may look impressive, the reality is that it’s actually a low resistance, worthless move. If you want powerhouse triceps, there is nothing better than the traditional push down.

The ladies seem to find the abductor machines an absolute must-do in hopes of achieving the perfect curve of hip and thigh. I’ve got news for you. It really doesn’t work. For a tight bum and gorgeous gams, nothing beats the classic squat.

Now, be honest, who in their right mind could find any reason to criticize a sit-up or crunch? Well, let’s be honest. The reason most people grunt through a session of crunches is because they are working toward a six-pack abs goal. What they don’t realize is that six-pack abs are almost 99% dependent on a perfect diet. So, if you’re not committed to eating right, you are wasting your time. And you may get a back injury to boot.

It’s very impressive to watch the Olympics and see the weightlifters do deadlifts of what seems to be thousands of pounds. Of course deadlifts must be a great exercise. I mean, just look at those folks. Look at the power, the muscle tone. How could a deadlift possibly be a lousy exercise? Well, it is. And the reason is because it will probably guarantee you some serious shoulder and lower back strain. So, if you are looking for a crippling injury, go for it. If you’re searching for an exercise to get awesome glutes, move away from the dead lift area and toward the leg press.

However, stick with the normal leg press. Skip that silly 45 degree leg press machine. Don’t believe the theory of pushing weight unnaturally overhead to get a better workout. First of all, by pushing with all your might in that position, you’ve got your body all out of proper alignment and balance. That’s just asking for injuries and some muscle groups won’t even get an effective workout.

Now, I know I sound cynical. The truth is I really do love a good workout and even spending time in the gym. But, I don’t want to be wasting my time or getting hurt. So, just because it’s in a gym or performed by some massively, muscled person does not mean it’s a good exercise. Exercise smart and consistently. In the long run you’ll find that’s what matters most.